maTooltip is open-source and can be forked on GitHub. Head over there to explore variations of the module, comments and such. Besides the maTooltip module and style sheet files to your right, you will also need jQuery. You can freely choose which archive to download, they all contain the same files. The maTooltip.min.js file is a minimized version of maTooltip.js. There is absolutely no difference in functionality between the two. The minimized file has no comments nor whitespace in it. Local variable names has also been renamed to save even more space. So use the minimized version on your server to reduce download time for your visitors, but feel free to study the source code and comments in the original JavaScript file.

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MIT license = free of charge.

Before you use

Have you considered your options? The story behind maTooltip is a single use case scenario. I fell in love with the Twitter Bootstrap's tooltiper. It was slick, beautiful and it wasn't bloated software with "tonnes of features". But the tooltiper was hard to implement outside twitters framework. And once I managed too, I found it didn't provide much of an API at all which seriously limit the real world usage. Moreover, I wanted to add the move-in animation maTooltip provides. No other library seemed to handle these trade-offs elegantly either, so I figured why not write my own library from scratch. I did. And I seek to provide a much needed complementary documentation, which in my opinion is yet one more flaw with the twitter tooltip.


Currently, there is no changelog. maTooltip 1.0.0 was officially released and made open-source on February 2, 2013.